Impermanent Lessons

Curious toddler wipes out hours of monks’ work

The Associated Press  The Associated Press April 25, 2014


JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey tot has made his inadvertent mark on an intricate sand display created by Buddhist monks.

Mandala Disturbed

“The monks have been building a sand mandala in Jersey City’s municipal building since Monday. It’s a flat, multicolored display that is created and then destroyed in a ceremony meant to symbolize the fleeting nature of life.

The Jersey Journal reports the young boy climbed over a rope barrier Friday and got onto the 4-foot-square display. The sides and middle were smudged as a result.

“Some of the monks were working to restore the sand Friday before its ritual destruction.”

A lama spokesman contained his simmering rage over the youthful destruction of what was to be ritually destroyed.  “The wheel of karma will follow him.  I have learned that the lad is Catholic.  I have arranged for him to meet with a priest.  He will demonstrate to the boy how naughty he has been.  Ha ha!  Ha ha ha!”

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