“Old folks these days…”

Bullying is growing problem among senior citizens: Linda Rhodes

By Dr. Linda Rhodes | Special to PennLive–May 06, 2014

“…Experts estimate that as many as one in five residents is mistreated by their peers in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other group settings…”

As with school bullying, experts believe the nursing home jocks and the “cool” geriatrics in general are the main culprits.  A woman identified only as “Bertha” claimed that “the damn Bingo leaders are the worst, acting like they’re the greatest thing since Roosevelt.”  After a fitful spate of coughing that lasted nearly three minutes, she clarified that she was referring to Franklin, not “that crazy Moose rascal or dear Franklin’s dyke wife.”

“Wilfred” commented that a group of his home’s thugs have been stealing his medication and putting Lotrimin in his Depends.

A spokesperson for the bullied said she promised to look into the issue, as soon as The Price Is Right is over and she takes a nap. 




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