New York 1I am a former college philosophy instructor who is trying to find an agent to help me publish two books. THE WORLD IS MY HOME; LIFE AS A FREE RANGE HUMAN is a humorous account of being homeless. JOB SLUT is a humorous description of the wide array of jobs I’ve had over the years. I have posted several chapters from each on this blog, which I started in January, 2013. I have been nominated thrice for a “Liebster Award,” a “Lighthouse Award,” a “Sunshine Award,” and for a “Shine On Award.” Over 225 Followers.

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  1. Sincere good luck. Fancy having two complete books under your belt there – I’ve been stressed trying to do ONE, and it’s not huge, and I’m venturing a self-publish! But it was huge work finalising, so truly: good luck.

    I think I’m a job slut too – like that expression. My dad once told me if I’m ever LUCKY ENOUGH to find an employer WHO WANTS YER, then STICK WITH THEM FER LIFE… and I’ve had a billion jobs, in spite of those words. This slut was chosen again & again!

    Love how you taught philosophy. You seem heaps interesting.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and choosing to follow me! Good luck to you on your books! I’m new to writing and blogging so feel free to pass along any ideas, thoughts, or critics on my posts. I love humor and find that you feel you lead a humorous life great! Happy blogging!

  3. Thanks for liking a post of mine over at the Blog of Funny Names! Love the titles of both of your books – looking forward to exploring your blog further 🙂

    • Thanks. I’ll save that info, but I have a slew of agents to contact who deal w/ humor. I’ll look there for any I may have missed. I’m way behind on where I should be. Sometimes I just feel so lazy tha

  4. ay good stuff man for lack of a better of a better term i definitely laughed out loud at some points. it was cool meeting you today downtown. rock on.

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