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I am a former college philosophy instructor who is trying to find an agent to help me publish two books. THE WORLD IS MY HOME; LIFE AS A FREE RANGE HUMAN is a humorous account of being homeless. JOB SLUT is a humorous description of the wide array of jobs I’ve had over the years. I have posted several chapters from each on this blog, which I started in January, 2013. I have been nominated thrice for a “Liebster Award,” a “Lighthouse Award,” a “Sunshine Award,” and for a “Shine On Award.” Over 225 Followers.

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      • I like the title JOB SLUt but i think changing the title of your first book may help. I like the idea of free range human. There’s got to be some title angle that uses free range human. The reason why I like those words is it’s puts a picture in my head. I see a book cover with a black and white drawing of a human and chicken combined against a beautiful photo of a farm or prairie. I too am a writer and I hate coming up with titles. Too me, that’s one of the harder parts of writing.

    • I’ll count on that $2 I will see in royalties from your unofficial pre-order. After I had already come up w/ the titles, I learned that James Michener’s memoir is titled THE WORLD IS MY HOME, but I have a subtitle and I ran into no problems w/ copyrighting it. I also learned that “Job Slut” is in the Urban Dictionary as someone who takes a job beneath their qualifications. That’s somewhat germane to my book, but I’m going for the sense that I work around a lot and with anyone.
      Thank you.

  1. Unfortunately these days many agents are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts. However, sometimes you can meet with agents at writer’s conferences and have a minute or two with one. So be prepared to sell your idea in that time frame. It’s a tough road to traditional publication these days. That’s why many folks are going to ebook publishing without all the hassles. John Locke sold a million books on Amazon. He has an ebook on how he did it. Now he’s now doing traditional publishing as well. I have a teen, sci-fi novel on Amazon (Alien Assistant) which isn’t selling at all. I’m going to change horses and start writing for the adult market rather than for kids. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m about to start querying agents for the second book. Knowing the formidable odds, I still feel confident that my books are good enough, for their genre, to surmount the sizable obstacles. Of course, if you don’t have faith, you cannot muster the commitment to make the effort worthwhile.
      If I do succeed at all, I would like to try something different as well for my third book. I have some ideas, but am trying to stop my mind from wandering too far into new territory. I’m trying not to think about it. I’m not going to do another book if I fail at my prior two attempts.

      • Love the comment about faith. That is so true. I know how hard it is to find an agent. I will say that going to conferences helps. If the agent sees your face then they are likely to want to read you MS. I met several at the last conference and even though what I’m working on now is not in the genre they’re seeking, I keep in contact with them, just in case I decide to write in their area. Also I met one who liked the pitch I gave her and when that MS is ready she wants to read it. The best part of conferences I have found though is meeting editors. I connected with two. One who is editing amy adult work and one who is editing my kid lit. Yes, they are getting paid for this but they were recommended to me by the agent who would like to see my work. I find for me at least, another set of eyes, reading and fixing my work, is an investment worth making if I want to be published by someone other than myself. Good Luck with your works. Let me know how it’s going with you. Writers should always stick together.

  2. So did you find an agent yet? Btw, you might be interested in The Self Publisher (well, maybe not if you’re looking for an agent or have already found one). The blog, I mean, on wordpress, which I and a group of others post to. I don’t want that $2 of mine in pre-orders to be wasted!

    • I didn’t find one for the 1st book, but I haven’t exhausted my options when it comes to agents who deal with humor/memoir. I’m about to start looking for one for the second book.

    • Thanks. I’m trying to get caught up on actually reading others’ blogs instead of just posting on my own. It looks like you may be interested in my theory that Dylan helped pioneer the style of rap. He was a transitional figure between the cadence-driven beatnik poetry and folk music. I cite “Subterranean Homesick Blues” as the prime example.

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