And they prefer to be addressed by their avatars’ names

World of Warcraft may soon be a job-related skill
By Aaron Pressman August 20, 2014; Yahoo Finance

“It’s been perfectly acceptable for years to list certain leisure activities on a resume, such as golf, bridge or even poker. But what about some of the more modern and digital pursuits — say World of Warcraft, Minecraft or fantasy baseball?

“As the Wall Street Journal recently noted, some avid video gamers are starting to include their gaming prowess on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. After all, many young people enjoy video gaming instead of traditional leisure pursuits including golf and tennis, which have seen their popularity take a dive…”

From employers’ points of view, the advantage of hiring avid gamers is that their social lives are far less likely to interfere with work. However, they are significantly more likely to go on a shooting spree in the office.

Irony Ain’t Just a Description of the Earth’s Core

Seattle’s pot store opens: It’s time to ‘free the weed’
The Seattle Times; July 8, 2014
One store owner in the state had the following to say about the high sales overall:

“I think we’ll be very successful because of our zero tolerance policy when it comes to employee drug use.  Hair, blood, and urine can be tested at any time.  And we have the right to demand a polygraph at any time we suspect drug use during their employment here.  Even when they’re not working, I want clear and focused individuals with moral integrity.

“Because our pre-screening process is so thorough, I don’t think we’ll even need to use those measures.  They’re simply redundancy steps.  We probably won’t even need them.  I ask subtle questions, like ‘Do you have a favorite Beatles song?’ or ‘Have you ever worn a tie-dye shirt?’
“I’m not paranoid, but I just can’t have people who smoke pot around the product and the people who buy it.  I need people with as much contempt for marijuana users as me.  I don’t want workers who are slow and bad at math–not to mention dirty.  I cannot have people looking at our merchandise and who are thinking, ‘I want to smoke a 420 with that’.”

Even the creator of the polemic linked below commented, “Jesus Christ!  That guy’s pretty uptight.”

That’s heavy, man.

Love Me (on) Tinder

Ex-exec sues Tinder execs, claiming sexual harassment, discrimination                     

“A female former executive at Tinder, the popular dating app, alleges in a lawsuit that two male superiors sexually harassed her through frightening text messages and disparaging comments, then later demoted her because of her gender…”

“Tinder lets users rate photos of potential mates, and when two people greenlight each other, they can communicate through the app. More than 10 million matches are made each day, the two-year-old start-up said in June…”

I would’ve expected entrepreneurs who profit from objectification and fetishism of people’s appearances to treat others with the utmost class and respect. 

George W. Bush said, “These kids just has to, they got to tough it out like I did during the Vietnam War, the Vietnam Conflict, where I didn’t, didn’t use any family connecting to keep me out of harm’s way. Heh-heh.”

Obamas want daughters to get taste of life on minimum wage

By Roberta Rampton; Reuters;

WASHINGTON, June 20 (Reuters) – “President Barack Obama and wife Michelle both worked minimum-wage jobs before they got law degrees: a character-building experience they said they also want their teenage daughters to share…”

They will be like virtually every other American youngster, knowing that they have to go home at the end of the night.  They will be treated like any other McWorker on the job, just trying to keep the family afloat.  What boss would give them preferential treatment? 

And it Will Be Cold that Day

Fast-food workers call for nationwide walkout Aug. 29

By  The Washington Post

Here’s how I see it unfolding:
–The call for a rise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour will be mistakenly lead to a call for every restaurant to have 15 pagers;
–The chant demanding paid vacation time will come out as “What do we want? 
“Time off to get laid! 
“When do we want it?
“On our lunch breaks!”;
–In attempting to voice safety concerns, the spokesman will complain about farting co-workers;
 –5% will show up late, 8% will leave early, and 6% will get the day wrong.
Note:  Since approximately 1/12th of my restaurant experience was in fast food, I can joke about such things.