They’re even painted red, white, and blue!

Qureshi Donates Tennis Wheelchairs To Iraq

“And I ordered my war cold, too!”

Russia takes aim at McDonald’s burgers as U.S. ties worsen
By Maria Kiselyova and Olga Sichkar; Reuters; July 25, 2014
MOSCOW (Reuters) – “McDonald’s burgers and shakes may become the latest victims of worsening ties between Moscow and Washington after a Russian consumer watchdog agency accused the U.S. chain of sanitary violations…”
Why must people vent to restaurant workers about things beyond their control?


Iraq jihadists blow up ‘Jonah’s tomb’ in Mosul: official
AFP–July 24, 2014
“After a couple days in the big fish, I could not rest in my grave for millennia.  I finally get start to get over my claustrophobia and chill out a bit, and then this happens.  Oy vey.”

Relatedly, is playing with Barbie dolls a sign of latent male homosexuality?

CIA Toyed With Idea of Osama bin Laden Doll to ‘Turn Afghan Children from Leader’

The CIA developed prototypes for an Osama bin Laden action figure in 2005.

by Mary Kay Mallonee | CNN | June 19, 2014

“The CIA has revealed it once considered creating and using a very different type of weapon in the fight against terrorism: a doll.

“An Osama bin Laden action figure with an evil-looking face.

“The spy agency began quietly developing the bin Laden doll in 2005, as first reported by The Washington Post, and recruited the help of the former head of the Hasbro toy company, Donald Levine.

“The CIA’s proposed plan, according to the newspaper, was to produce the dolls, with their bright red faces and spooky green eyes, and hand them out to children in Afghanistan in hopes of turning them away from the al Qaeda leader…”

Would these kids be familiar enough with Star Wars to recognize that the bottom center one resembles baddie Darth Maul?  It’s immaterial, because the CIA would be just as likely to actually create a likeness of bin Laden as they would be to create the real one qua terrorist mastermind.  Yeah right.  We’re probably also supposed to believe that his death on 5.2.2011 was staged. 


A 38th Parallel

In South Korea, People Check In to Faux Prison for Meditation With a Penal Theme

Clients at ‘Prison Inside Me’ Pay to Be Confined to 60-Square-Foot Cell; ‘This Is My Third Time’

Jaeyeon Woo  The Wall Street Journal  May 5, 2014
“…In a country where the social pressure to do well in school and to find highly paid jobs is intense, an industry is attempting to come up with some extreme relaxation…”

One North Korean refugee, who provided an alias for his alias as “Hyun-Woo,” recoiled in visceral fear at the idea.  “No way, Jin Ae!  I’m not falling for that again!”         

Wild Directions

Some interesting news the last couple days:

With New E-Cigarette Rules, FDA Hopes To Tame A ‘Wild, Wild West’

by –April 24, 2014–NPR


The Wild West, eh?  Hyperbole like this is the surest sign of fear mongering.

In the real West, an anti-government darling of people like myself apparently feels a nostalgia for the Old South:

Politicians denounce Bundy’s racist remarks

Posted by –4.24.2014

In the contemporary South, some pols want a real “Wild West”: 
Ga. governor signs ‘guns everywhere’ into law
Larry Copeland and Doug Richards, USA TODAY–April 23, 2014
Arm law-abiding citizens?  I think it would certainly be a good idea here in the mid-Atlantic city of Baltimore:

14-Year-Old Shot In The Head Was Son Of ‘Stop Snitching’ DVDs Creator

April 23, 2014–CBS Baltimore
Around the world, East-West clashes again seem Imminent:

Obama says more sanctions against North Korea possible

Associated Press–April 25, 2014
Ukraine crisis: West wants to ‘seize control’ – Russia
BBC–25 April 2014


While everyone in the Mideast always seems to be ginning for a fight:
Israel quits Mideast peace talks in protest

Palestinian deal involving Hamas riles Netanyahu

Josef Federman–Associated Press–April 24, 2014

Our best hope?

NASA chief defends Mars mission, colonization of Red Planet necessary for human survival

By Alexander Saltarin–Tech Times–April 24, 2014

Diplomatic Mano-a-Mano with Obama

“Putin calls Obama to discuss ‘diplomatic resolution’ to Ukraine crisis, White House”

By , March 28, 2014; The Washington Post

The meticulous former lawyer was skeptical about Putin’s request for a face-to-face summit.  Putin reportedly said, “You be out front.  We send people.  We go somewhere, have a few shots.  I bring nice Russian girls.  I send Sharapova’s pinkie as proof we can get you some really well pussy.”

I just hope Hope Obama will not Change from his ’08 tactics:

Obama: ‘If They Bring a Knife to the Fight, We Bring a Gun’

The Wall Street Journal Jun 14, 2008

Getting Fit to Start Some Shit

With eye on Crimea, U.S. starts military drills on Russia’s doorstep

By Marcin Goettig–Reuters; Mon Mar 10, 2014

Russia Orders  Military Drill, Stoking Tensions
By Lukas I. Alpert and Jay Solomon–The Wall Street Journal; February 26, 2014          
Iran plans military exercises in preparation for Israeli strike on nuclear facilities 
By Robert Tait–The Telegraph; 16 September 2012
South Korea-US military exercises stoke tensions 
BBC News; 28 November 2010


North Korea defends missile tests, condemns US-South Korea military exercises

By North Asia correspondent Matt Carney and staff–Australian Network News; Thu 6 Mar 2014

Japan holds military drill as S. China Sea islands dispute widens

RT; January 13, 2014
China’s Military Trains for War Against Japan
By Zachary Keck–The Diplomat; February 19, 2014
Sense the pattern?
When I exercise, I do so because I find it intrinsically rewarding during and afterwards.  Sports involve training for a physical battle of sorts, but even barbaric sports like MMA do not involve blowing up people.  Yet the term certainly takes on an ominous tone when the military engages in an “exercise.”  (And I am certainly not a pacifist.)

Weapons Aren’t Always Bad

16th-century manual shows ‘rocket cat’ weaponry

Associated Press                    

By MICHAEL RUBINKAM                                 March 6, 2014

PHILADELPHIA (AP)— “You’re a 16th century German prince plotting to crush a peasant rebellion, or perhaps you’re leading an army against the Ottoman Empire or looking to settle the score with a rival nobleman. What’s a guy looking for a tactical edge to do?

“Bring on the rocket cats!

“Fanciful illustrations from a circa-1530 manual on artillery and siege warfare seem to show jet packs strapped to the backs of cats and doves, with the German-language text helpfully advising military commanders to use them to ‘set fire to a castle or city which you can’t get at otherwise’…”

In sexual terms, some women figuratively throw their pussies at you, some launch them.