1+1=A Bigger One

Within several minutes of each other recently, I saw an odd pair of TV commercials.  The first one was one of those “Look at these poor starving children; for 50 cents a day…” ones.  The second one followed the same format but the subjects of our heartstrings were animals.  And this one set the price at 60 cents a day.

I’m an animal liker and all, but two thoughts occurred to me:

1)  How does it cost more to care for an animal in America than a human in the Third World?

2)  Why don’t we send the animals to these starving people?  I had a cat that lived to be about 17 years and obviously had affection for him.  But I sure as hell would have eaten him if I had to.

My Idiosyncratic Observational Skills

While trying to make small talk with a pretty lady the other day, I made the comment, “From my tennis days, I always take note when someone [like you] is a southpaw.  It also makes sense in case I need to fight; not that I’m implying you’re going to attack me or not…”  My self-consciousness then got the better of me, worrying that she might think I was going to attack her.”

I therefore did not expound on Jack Donaghy’s (from 30 Rock) comment that the first thing he thinks about when he meets a new person is how to fight ‘em.  He then points out to Liz, his interlocutor, an obscure physical defect of hers that he would exploit in a fight with her.

Nor did I see fit to pontificate on my fondness for Dwight Schrute, a character on The Office, for his cocksure answer to everything.  “Surviving a bear attack is easy…”; “Her narrow hips make her an unsuitable mating partner…”; and so on. 

I will miss Must See Thursday, but I thought these were Must Miss Comments.

But I did challenge her to an arm wrestling contest.  I regret admitting to losing.