America’s Cup: Sir Ben Ainslie’s Oracle Team USA clinches stunning comeback

“American team, who were down 8-1 at one stage, won cup in nail-biting winner-takes-all decider in San Francisco Bay”

in Los Angeles The Guardian,        Wednesday 25 September 2013

Many were excited for the seamen to come from behind in a wet, deep area that remains dangerous and mysterious to many.

You know what he said.


Is the Swiss Miss back into that other powder? And I’m not talking about hot chocolate mix.

Martina Hingis and her mother beat up estranged husband

Martina Hingis’s husband Thibault Hutin claims he was  attacked by the former tennis player, her mother and her mother’s  boyfriend.
Martina Hingis. UPI Photo/Monika Graff


Could the incident be related to this (admittedly old) story?

Martina Hingis admits to positive cocaine test

Martina  Hingis admits to positive cocaine test

Bad result: Martina Hingis comes clean about her positive dope test 
By Mark Hodgkinson  02 Nov 2007
Not this racket.  (But that is a nice rack.)

Worst. Prize. Ever.

Phillies’ top farm club announces funeral winner

The Associated Press By The Associated Press The Associated Press on August 20, 2013 at  9:54 PM

ALLENTOWN — The Philadelphia Phillies’ top farm club is offering a free funeral to a fan recently diagnosed with ALS.

In a perversion of Lou Gehrig’s famous speech, the “winner” said he was decidedly not looking forward to the honor.  He added that while he always felt like he had bad luck, it wasn’t until now that he truly felt like the unluckiest man alive.