“These 69 times, at baaaaand camp…”

‘Sexualized culture’ cited in firing of Ohio State marching band director
By Des Bieler; July 24, 2014; The Washington Post
“…John Waters had been the band’s director since 2012, when he was promoted from the interim job…”
If you had told me last week that “John Waters” would be embroiled in a sex scandal,
john waters hair dryer

I would have come to a different conclusion.          

Love Me (on) Tinder

Ex-exec sues Tinder execs, claiming sexual harassment, discrimination                     

“A female former executive at Tinder, the popular dating app, alleges in a lawsuit that two male superiors sexually harassed her through frightening text messages and disparaging comments, then later demoted her because of her gender…”

“Tinder lets users rate photos of potential mates, and when two people greenlight each other, they can communicate through the app. More than 10 million matches are made each day, the two-year-old start-up said in June…”

I would’ve expected entrepreneurs who profit from objectification and fetishism of people’s appearances to treat others with the utmost class and respect. 

One Participant Who Let the Word “Fabulous” Escape His Lips Was Immediately Stoned to Death

March for Marriage: Proclaiming God’s law and the Bible, thousands march in Washington to reclaim traditional marriage

By Ivey DeJesus | pennlive.com; 6.19.2014

“Proponents of traditional marriage on Thursday took their message to Washington to urge lawmakers and judges to defend what they said is a God-ordained institution…”

Thank God my fellow straights are finally sticking up for our rights!  I, for one, am sick of having to have sex with gay men in the name of political correctness.  I’ve even been forced to marry a few!

XY Ambiguity

Nintendo Promises to Push Gay Agenda on Children

Progressive left has politicized same-sex movement and fashioned the gay lifestyle into a civil rights movement
Nintendo Promises to Push Gay Agenda on Children

by Infowars.com | May 19, 2014


“…#Miiquality campaign draws attention to a push designed to normalize the gay lifestyle in video games geared toward children, specifically the eight-thirteen year old demographic….”
I always knew there was something fishy about Mario and Luigi. What were their interests in saving the Princess? Fashion tips? And Tetris is clearly replete with homoerotic concepts.

Two Double Faults

Roger Federer and wife welcome ‘miracle’ second set of twins

Reuters; 07 May 2014

The SMSM (Sentimental Mainstream Media) celebrates this “blessing.”  I will probably never give birth, but logic tells me that having twins would be approximately twice as painful as pushing out one.  I spoke with Mrs. R-Fed recently–we go way back–and she revealed that she was not at all happy about this.

“Thanks a lot ‘Mr. Greatest of All Time.’  I’ve not only got to do the most painful thing I’ve ever done–AGAIN!–but then have to raise these fucking kids alone.  Because what will he be doing?  Travelling around the world, playing a stupid game.

“The first time I was understanding.  I said, ‘Honey, I know you’re a grass court specialist and all, but stop driving your ball so deep into mine!  Why don’t you focus on the clay more?’

“The asshole, he’s like, ‘Oh, no, no.  The brown stuff, too dirty.  Too much clean up.  I don’t like the long play.  Hard work and don’t really know what doing.’

“This time, I said he had two options:  either he works on his stroke more, or take some lessons from his good friend Tiger.  If not, we’re Wimble-done.

“And I know someone who knows what I want.”

Andre Agassi picks Rafael Nadal ahead of Roger Federer as tennis's greatest all-time player


Thigh or Breast Man?

KFC Chicken Corsage Being Sold Just in Time for Prom Season

This cop looks thrilled about this bust

Strippers File Claim Against Police For Infringing Their Fourth Amendment Rights

Policy Brutality/Cheetahs Facebook

“Despite its title as America’s Finest City, San Diego, Ca. has a well-documented and sordid history of institutional corruption. Whether it’s city employees treating the city pension fund as their personal ATM (and nearly bankrupted the city in 2002) or the mayor getting caught using City Hall as a frat house, San Diego’s beauty belies a seedy underbelly. What a bummer…”

He could at least shove a five spot somewhere.

“Oh God!”

By Jeffrey A. Johnson The Patriot-News 
March 13, 2014

HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP — “An 11th grade English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School is accused of performing a sexual act with a male student in her classroom, according to search warrants released Thursday…”

For a number of reasons, I argue with Bible Thumpers who claim society has gone downhill because the Supreme Court removed official prayer from schools in 1963.  This story buttresses my argument that you can never eradicate prayer from anywhere.  The student’s prayers were clearly answered.  The (cute) teacher?  Uh, she might regard the affair differently.