I’ll visit New Hampshire before it gets cold, Iowa before tornado season

Obama condemns Hamas for breaking cease-fire
By Rebecca Shabad – 08/01/14-The Hill

Obama Condemns Israel for Shelling a U.N. School; Shrinks from Criticizing Hamas
By: Jake (Diary) | July 30th, 2014–Red State

Obama condemns killing of reporter, U.S. hits militants in Iraq
By Alexander Dziadosz and Steve Holland
BAGHDAD/EDGARTOWN Mass.; Aug 20, 2014; Reuters

The Wire: Obama condemns ‘brutal murder’
By Karl Kahler; 8.20.2014; San Jose Mercury News

President Obama condemns ISIS after beheading of American journalist
By Chelsea J. Carter; August 20, 2014, CNN

Merkel and Obama condemn Russian convoys in Ukraine
8.23.2014; DW

Lots of condemnation of unpopular acts going on by the Judger-in-Chief. Being president is starting to sound like a cakewalk. I just wish he would condemn cancer, earthquakes, and dropping food that you just spent 20 minutes preparing.

W., by the way, was advised to speak in terms of good and evil because they feared he’d say something like, “I condone the September 11th attacks.”

Since both make being president look so easy, I think I’ll throw my hat in the ring for ’16. (Because I’m going bald, I will immediately don another hat.)

What have YOU been smoking, bud?

Florida Anti-pot Leader: Weed Is a Date Rape Drug and Will Make You Gay and Vulnerable to AIDS

Homosexuality “seems to be something that follows along from their marijuana use…,” says former Reagan drug czar
by Mark Frauenfelder | Boing Boing.net | August 21, 2014
Any potheads or former potheads like me can attest to this.  I shot up some marijuana several weeks ago, and I went on a viscous crime spree.  Naturally, that included rape.  Women or men, girls or boys, raccoons–no one was safe from my reefer madness.
This guy said it best:

New World Math

Afghanistan elections: Abdullah Abdullah claims victory in presidential run-off vote amid fraud allegations – despite Ashraf Ghani being declared winner
Amir Shah , Rahim Faiez; Tuesday 08 July 2014; The Independent
I’m skeptical of this guy, because he seems like someone who would double count votes that were in his favor.  I posted my concern on his Facebook wall–which, oddly, lacks any pictures of faces–and he replied, “What’s what’s wrong wrong with with that that?”

George W. Bush said, “These kids just has to, they got to tough it out like I did during the Vietnam War, the Vietnam Conflict, where I didn’t, didn’t use any family connecting to keep me out of harm’s way. Heh-heh.”

Obamas want daughters to get taste of life on minimum wage

By Roberta Rampton; Reuters;

WASHINGTON, June 20 (Reuters) – “President Barack Obama and wife Michelle both worked minimum-wage jobs before they got law degrees: a character-building experience they said they also want their teenage daughters to share…”

They will be like virtually every other American youngster, knowing that they have to go home at the end of the night.  They will be treated like any other McWorker on the job, just trying to keep the family afloat.  What boss would give them preferential treatment? 

One Participant Who Let the Word “Fabulous” Escape His Lips Was Immediately Stoned to Death

March for Marriage: Proclaiming God’s law and the Bible, thousands march in Washington to reclaim traditional marriage

By Ivey DeJesus | pennlive.com; 6.19.2014

“Proponents of traditional marriage on Thursday took their message to Washington to urge lawmakers and judges to defend what they said is a God-ordained institution…”

Thank God my fellow straights are finally sticking up for our rights!  I, for one, am sick of having to have sex with gay men in the name of political correctness.  I’ve even been forced to marry a few!

Don’t blame me; I don’t vote

Patients turn to fecal transplants to cure infection

By Meredith Cohn;The Baltimore Sun June 6, 2014

“…Fecal transplants involve collecting excrement from a healthy donor, screening it for infectious diseases, filtering out particles and mixing it with saline and infusing it into the intestines with a syringe, usually during a colonoscopy…”

Basically, a donor provides shit, it’s treated, and then used by another in an attempt to cure a problem.  It’s good to see that doctors can learn something from Washington.

American Religion

Sudden death in North Carolina race likely clears way for Clay Aiken

By Michael A. Memoli; Los Angeles Times; May 12, 2014

“The Democratic candidate who was narrowly trailing Clay Aiken in a North Carolina congressional primary election died Monday, a day before election officials were to determine whether a runoff election was required…” 

I’ve thought all along that Clay was in over his head, mistakenly conflating his celebrity with politics and civic service.  American Idols are chosen based on the fickle whims of TV viewers (who bother to vote), based more on contestants’ superficial qualities like appearance and charm than actual merits.  En route, they are at the mercy of people like this:

Those who are successful will never really be in charge of their careers,but will forever be beholden to businessmen who manage their lives.  Since their success will be determined by future sales, the vacuous showmanship and popularity contest will never end.  Nothing could be further from the reality of elected office.  And the mysterious death of a political rival at a time that benefits him?  That may happen in Hollywood, but never in politics.

What’s in a name?

California School District Under Fire for Holocaust-Denial Assignment

“A California public school district has backpedaled after an eighth-grade assignment — to write a persuasive essay on whether or not the Holocaust occurred — came under serious fire and prompted death threats to administrators.

“’We are aware of the controversy surrounding the distribution of an eighth grade Writing Prompt during the third quarter of the academic year,’ notes a press release issued Monday by Rialto Unified School District interim Superintendent Mohammed Islam…”

Mr. Islam admitted that some students were concerned that the assignment would detract from their home economics project of burning American and Israeli flags; their music lessons of shouting “Death to infidel pigs!”; legal studies of Shariah law; and the demanding art classes where they practice not drawing Mohammed.  He added that “Some of our students can barely build bombs at a 6th grade level.”