Sick of Being Shut Up and Shut In

Julian Assange will leave embassy ‘soon’

By Justin Moyer; The Washington Post; August 18, 2014

“…Assange, whose organization facilitated the publication of materials leaked by Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning), has been in exile at the Ecuadoran embassy in London for more than two years…”

Although banal, Assange has been compiling data for a Wikileak on the embassy’s going-ons. He has released a few excerpts of the revelations:

–“Manuel never washes his hands after using the bathroom. GMWAS.”

–“Maria tells EVERYONE to have a nice day, but everyone knows she’s just a big phony.”

–“Hugo has re-gifted 3 times since I’ve been here. And I’m sure the gift certificates he’s given me are invalid b/c I can’t go out and VERY FUNNY assh*le!”

–“There are hardly any rapeable women here. WTF, Ecuador?!!!”

Relatedly, is playing with Barbie dolls a sign of latent male homosexuality?

CIA Toyed With Idea of Osama bin Laden Doll to ‘Turn Afghan Children from Leader’

The CIA developed prototypes for an Osama bin Laden action figure in 2005.

by Mary Kay Mallonee | CNN | June 19, 2014

“The CIA has revealed it once considered creating and using a very different type of weapon in the fight against terrorism: a doll.

“An Osama bin Laden action figure with an evil-looking face.

“The spy agency began quietly developing the bin Laden doll in 2005, as first reported by The Washington Post, and recruited the help of the former head of the Hasbro toy company, Donald Levine.

“The CIA’s proposed plan, according to the newspaper, was to produce the dolls, with their bright red faces and spooky green eyes, and hand them out to children in Afghanistan in hopes of turning them away from the al Qaeda leader…”

Would these kids be familiar enough with Star Wars to recognize that the bottom center one resembles baddie Darth Maul?  It’s immaterial, because the CIA would be just as likely to actually create a likeness of bin Laden as they would be to create the real one qua terrorist mastermind.  Yeah right.  We’re probably also supposed to believe that his death on 5.2.2011 was staged. 


A FedEx spokesperson claimed that, as a federal agency, they want in, too


U.S. Postal Service Announces Giant Ammo Purchase

“Post Office joins other federal agencies stockpiling over two billion rounds of ammo”

Kit Daniels February 5, 2014

“The U.S. Postal Service is currently seeking companies that can provide ‘assorted small arms ammunition’ in the near future.

“The U.S. Postal Service joins the long list of non-military federal agencies purchasing large amounts of ammunition.

“On Jan. 31, the USPS Supplies and Services Purchasing Office posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website asking contractors to register with USPS as potential ammunition suppliers for a variety of cartridges…”

“Going postal” has never been easier.

Maybe the Baby Can Stay

Beyoncé Slammed for Sampling Shuttle Tragedy on New Album

By CLAYTON SANDELL and GINA SUNSERI | Good Morning America 

Beyoncé has been labeled ‘insensitive’ by some current and former NASA astronauts and their families for sampling audio from the space shuttle Challenger disaster for a love song off her newly released album…”
I challenge her and her Illuminati-tool husband to go play in outer space.
Beyoncé Admits to Being a Member of the Illuminati
Beyonce Member of the Illuminati

“In yesterday’s much-anticipated interview with Oprah, Beyoncé finally admitted she was a member of the New World Order, also known as the Illuminati…”

[Source:  Reductress, date uncertain]

Jay-Z Addresses the Illuminati Rumors (Again)

By Reid Singer on Jun 27, 2013 5:13pm

“Analysts at have zeroed in on a facsimile of lyrics Hov has written for a track on his upcoming album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, to neither confirm nor rebuke the allegation that Shawn Corey Carter is a member of the Illuminati…”


Such Hubris Takes Tentacles


America Is Launching A Giant, World-Sucking Octopus Into Space

The Huffington Post  | By   12/05/2013 


nro satellite logo

“…The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which also oversees the NSA, tweeted pictures of the launch preparation. That spurred Christopher Soghoian, of the American Civil Liberties Union, to give the spooks some free advice: ‘You may want to downplay the massive dragnet spying thing right now. This logo isn’t helping’…”
“I told you they were on to us, Kodos!  They have discovered our plans.”
“Oh chillax, Kang.  The puny earthlings are too weak to stop us.”