He really just doesn’t want to devalue his coin collection

Man Owns 100,000 Lottery Tickets, Refuses to Scratch Them

By  1/10/2014

“A British man who has collected over 100,000 lottery cards might have been a millionaire — if he had ever bothered to scratch them to find out. Dave Mannix, 42, says he owns the world’s biggest scratch ticket collection…”

photo: MERCURY PRESS/Carter’s News Agency

What a fascinating dual addiction:  gambling and hoarding.


The guy pictured is 32 years old

Insomnia Linked With Early Death For Men

Posted: 11/22/2013  Huffington Post

insomnia death  

Great.  I’m have bouts of insomnia, not just for reasons of agonizing over stress, but because I can’t shut off my mind in general.  Part of this is positive in that it relates to creative output.

But this finding will also keep me up at night.  Thanks a lot, science douchebags. 

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I was reading in National Geographic (May, 2007) about the effort to preserve dying languages.  Who really cares, except the social scientists getting paid for their endeavors?  But there was at least one language with only one speaker.  If there’s only one person who speaks a language, how do we know they’re not insane and just muttering gibberish?  In fact, having no one to talk to has surely imperiled their mental stability.  I’ve seen some crazies who I’m quite sure have invented, if not their own languages, at least their own dialects.  Hell, yours truly, when drunk, has done so.

Rest assured, their language is safe:

He Didn’t Seem Ready for a Discussion on Authenticity, but I’m Sure He’s Always Ready for Ready

You see all kinds of druggies, crazies, and people who are both in any city.  The other day, I passed one who was practically walking down the middle of the street.  “I don’t give a fuck!” he thrice loudly proclaimed to no one in particular.  In an even louder voice, he yelled “Fuck” at least twice. 
Since I do give a fuck about my personal safety, I resisted my philosophical, counseling, and ministerial instincts to raise a logical point to him.  “Excuse me, sir,” I wanted to say, “but if you really didn’t give a fuck, you wouldn’t feel the compulsion to so vehemently announce your attitude to a world that really doesn’t give a fuck about you.  Let it go, bro.  Enjoy the weather and your crack high, and only pay attention to the happy voices in your drug-addled mind.  In the meantime, could you kindly do the civilized world–its numbers declining as we speak–a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!?”