Relatedly, is playing with Barbie dolls a sign of latent male homosexuality?

CIA Toyed With Idea of Osama bin Laden Doll to ‘Turn Afghan Children from Leader’

The CIA developed prototypes for an Osama bin Laden action figure in 2005.

by Mary Kay Mallonee | CNN | June 19, 2014

“The CIA has revealed it once considered creating and using a very different type of weapon in the fight against terrorism: a doll.

“An Osama bin Laden action figure with an evil-looking face.

“The spy agency began quietly developing the bin Laden doll in 2005, as first reported by The Washington Post, and recruited the help of the former head of the Hasbro toy company, Donald Levine.

“The CIA’s proposed plan, according to the newspaper, was to produce the dolls, with their bright red faces and spooky green eyes, and hand them out to children in Afghanistan in hopes of turning them away from the al Qaeda leader…”

Would these kids be familiar enough with Star Wars to recognize that the bottom center one resembles baddie Darth Maul?  It’s immaterial, because the CIA would be just as likely to actually create a likeness of bin Laden as they would be to create the real one qua terrorist mastermind.  Yeah right.  We’re probably also supposed to believe that his death on 5.2.2011 was staged. 


What’s in a name?

California School District Under Fire for Holocaust-Denial Assignment

“A California public school district has backpedaled after an eighth-grade assignment — to write a persuasive essay on whether or not the Holocaust occurred — came under serious fire and prompted death threats to administrators.

“’We are aware of the controversy surrounding the distribution of an eighth grade Writing Prompt during the third quarter of the academic year,’ notes a press release issued Monday by Rialto Unified School District interim Superintendent Mohammed Islam…”

Mr. Islam admitted that some students were concerned that the assignment would detract from their home economics project of burning American and Israeli flags; their music lessons of shouting “Death to infidel pigs!”; legal studies of Shariah law; and the demanding art classes where they practice not drawing Mohammed.  He added that “Some of our students can barely build bombs at a 6th grade level.”


What’s in a name?

California School District Under Fire for Holocaust-Denial Assignment

Wild Directions

Some interesting news the last couple days:

With New E-Cigarette Rules, FDA Hopes To Tame A ‘Wild, Wild West’

by –April 24, 2014–NPR


The Wild West, eh?  Hyperbole like this is the surest sign of fear mongering.

In the real West, an anti-government darling of people like myself apparently feels a nostalgia for the Old South:

Politicians denounce Bundy’s racist remarks

Posted by –4.24.2014

In the contemporary South, some pols want a real “Wild West”: 
Ga. governor signs ‘guns everywhere’ into law
Larry Copeland and Doug Richards, USA TODAY–April 23, 2014
Arm law-abiding citizens?  I think it would certainly be a good idea here in the mid-Atlantic city of Baltimore:

14-Year-Old Shot In The Head Was Son Of ‘Stop Snitching’ DVDs Creator

April 23, 2014–CBS Baltimore
Around the world, East-West clashes again seem Imminent:

Obama says more sanctions against North Korea possible

Associated Press–April 25, 2014
Ukraine crisis: West wants to ‘seize control’ – Russia
BBC–25 April 2014


While everyone in the Mideast always seems to be ginning for a fight:
Israel quits Mideast peace talks in protest

Palestinian deal involving Hamas riles Netanyahu

Josef Federman–Associated Press–April 24, 2014

Our best hope?

NASA chief defends Mars mission, colonization of Red Planet necessary for human survival

By Alexander Saltarin–Tech Times–April 24, 2014

Putting the “Twit” in “Twitter”

New York police Twitter campaign backfires badly

AFP   4.23.14

samples of the deluge of pictures of alleged police brutality the NYPD received on Tuesday

.New York (AFP) – “New York police Tuesday were eating extra helpings of humble pie after asking people to post images of themselves and NYPD officers on Twitter — only to face a deluge of pictures of alleged police brutality…”

The cop on the left claims they missed the good part, where “my follow-through after busting that fucker’s head open was sublime!”

One of the police on the right-hand picture tried to defend their actions.  “You can see the guy’s black, right?”

Presstitutes Say the Darndest Things

This would be difficult to research, but I’ve noticed something about the way names are pronounced by the Media-Government Complex when it is decided to make someone into a boogieman.  The following is based on my anecdotal perceptions:
Maybe Bush II was always “Dubya” as opposed to “W,” regardless of the prima facie dominant influence of the Left upon the media.  But when he started war against a nation led by a man once referred to as “Saddam,” I noticed that radio and TV “journalists” started pronouncing the adversary’s name as “Sodom.”  This was no pronunciation issue, but some talking heads on the right habitually referred to President Bush’s successor as “Barack Hussein Obama.”  Yes, that is his middle name, but we sheeple just needed to be reminded that B. O. (as I call him–I’m a political atheist) was a foreign-born closet Muslim who had the same middle name as a dictator.  And of course his surname name rhymed with you know whom.
Now, it seems to me that “Putin” is being pronounced as “Pootin.”  When W. looked into his eyes and got a sense of his soul, did he see a pile of shit?
Historically, I wonder if radio broadcasters “accidentally” referred to “Shitler.”  Was Mao’s name ever said in the MSM to be Mao Zedung?   Was the “Ho” syllable stressed when reporting on Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnam “Conflict”?
Perhaps propaganda was less systematic in those bygone days.

media infographic

Source: Frugal dad

from Ashley Lutz, Business Insider, 6.14.2012

At any rate, let’s hope we can wipe away our hostilities against Pootin, that two evil empires can get along, and that he never again interfere with something as wonderful sounding as a Pussy Riot.

Early Bird Blues

They have been less frequent the last couple years, but UFOs have been recurrent motifs in my dream life for years.  Two mornings ago, I had a dream where a sudden warming started dissolving ice clouds, sending the shards hurtling toward Earth.  (I should mention that an established cold snap was predicted to yield to a relatively warm spell.)
In the dream, the result was a challenging yet nonthreatening game of dodging these blocks of ice.  As a natural athlete, I found it quite fun.  When one of the ice clouds disintegrated, a UFO’s hiding spot was disclosed.  The flat, rectangular craft, with an edifice on top, sported six lights on its underside. 
“Look at that shit,” I said casually to the black stranger who was seated next to me.  “I always knew I’d see one up close.”  Laughing, I noted that they would now have to find another spot.
And then it landed nearby.
My newfound friend and I ran into the adjoining trailer, which morphed into the house of a friend whose dad recently died.  I knew that the aliens were coming for us, and that there was nowhere to hide.  Trembling, I ran to futilely hide in a spot of the house where my friend’s dad held a meager liquor cache.  I downed the only bottle I could find, a one-shot Merlot. 
An older white doctor arrived, assuring me that they were there to take care of us.  He was followed by a young Asian doctor or nurse, who was attractive yet had an eerie quality about her.       
My insomnia has been in remission lately, but I nonetheless put in early wake-up calls so I can do whatever reading, writing, or exercise I need to do.  Right after the Asian lady appeared in the dream, I felt the real-world tap on my bed.  “5:00, Mr. Willard.”
*    *    *
It was interesting that the UFO-sighting spot transfigured into my friend’s dad’s house.  It has been the scene for what I took to be the most bona fide UFO sighting I have ever experienced.  A score of them appeared that night, deep in space, moving erratically and unlike manmade satellites.  Years after those sightings, I had a dream where my friend and I saw an impressive UFO display. 
In an old VW Bug, Barack Obama suddenly pulled up and sped into the driveway.  “At last,” I thought, “we were going to get some official declaration.” 
I received a different message.
“You guys got any weed?”

I Think We All Know the Answer


White doves released after Pope Francis’ prayer for peace viciously attacked: Omen or unfortunate?

 By John Luciew |  The Patriot-News 
January 27, 2014            
Pope Francis doves attacked Twitter
“We’ve seen it so many times. A Pope in the window in Rome, children at his side, as he gives his blessing for peace to the masses in the square. This was the scene Sunday as Pope Francis prayed for peace. Then two children released white doves in a symbolic gesture. But what happened next wasn’t in the solemn script for Sunday’s Mass. And it sent Twitter abuzz with talk of a bad omen.

“Those gentle white doves were viciously attacked by other birds, a crow and a seagull, as shocked spectators looked on…”

Is there a bird whisperer who can confirm rumors that the attackers were calling “Allah Akbar!” and were connected to the Canadian geese that forced that plane into the Hudson River several years ago?