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Is Social Media Dependence A Mental Health Issue?

Huffposted: 05/07/2014; Emma Stein
“…Today, social media is praised as a sought-after career skill by plenty of employers, but what if it’s harming the younger generations who can’t even fathom a life without profile pictures and follower counts?”
Should DSM-V Designate “Internet Addiction” a Mental Disorder?
Psychiatry MMC (Edgmont). Feb 2009; 6(2): 31–37. Ronald Pies, MDcorresponding author
“There is considerable controversy with respect to so-called internet addiction and whether it ought to be reified as a diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition…”
I intend to soon post a 20,000 word manifesto on this blog relating to this topic.  I will email it to everyone whose address I know, put it on my Facebook site, reduce it to Tweet-able size, and will express it in dance form (different versions for YouTube and Vine).   Mastering one pose that says it all for Instagram will be tricky, though.
I hope you Like it.  Because I love each and every one of you.  Especially the voices in my head.

Putting the “Twit” in “Twitter”

New York police Twitter campaign backfires badly

AFP   4.23.14

samples of the deluge of pictures of alleged police brutality the NYPD received on Tuesday

.New York (AFP) – “New York police Tuesday were eating extra helpings of humble pie after asking people to post images of themselves and NYPD officers on Twitter — only to face a deluge of pictures of alleged police brutality…”

The cop on the left claims they missed the good part, where “my follow-through after busting that fucker’s head open was sublime!”

One of the police on the right-hand picture tried to defend their actions.  “You can see the guy’s black, right?”

Not that it’s good for my lupus



I was nominated for this award by belsbror.wordpress.com, a spiritual and humorous blogger from the Philippines.

The protocol is:

* Use the logo above in the post.

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* Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

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Ten things about me:

1.  I am from a small town in Pennsylvania, lying along the Appalachians and the Susquehanna River.  I now live in Baltimore.  It’s…different.

2.  I taught philosophy as an adjunct in the bygone decade, but made more waiting tables.  I am currently a failing writer, where I make nothing.

3.  My goal is four-fold:  become a successful writer; get a job writing for The Onion; pursue standup comedy as a hobby; and make passionate love to one of my wives every night.  If I fail at all these endeavors, I will run for president.  (Such repeated rejection will undoubtedly have severed my connection to reality.)

4.  I am a very kinesthetic person.  I grew up on a ping pong table, got into skateboarding and dancing, then shifted my interests toward (mild) weightlifting, tennis, and racquetball.  Personality-wise–if you’re familiar with tennis–my personality as a whole is like a combination of John McEnroe and Patrick Rafter.  I’m a brash gentleman.

5.  I am a popular loner.  I prefer solitude but inexorably draw people to me.  My usual effusiveness contributes to this.  Yeah, I guess I’m kind of a tease.

6.  I’ve never been rich and never dabbled with the hard stuff.  But all the money I’ve spent over the years having a good time could probably fund a two-year round-the-clock rave for an African village of 200 or so.

7.  I’m trying to get better with the drinking hinted at in 6.  Of course, as Yoda said, “There is no try; only do.”  This was slightly different from what he said in the movie, but he actually said that to me one night.

8.  I am a very religious Unitarian Universalist who twice thought I had “The Calling.”  Yet I am certainly the most, if not only, conservative person at my church in terms of politics.  I was the only one (begrudgingly) rooting for Romney in ’12.  They accept me nonetheless, if only because I’m the usual go-to guy when heavy lifting is involved.

9.  Regarding 8., I’m really a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t truly root for either the R or D wing of the Money Party.

10.  There’s only nine interesting things about me.

My nominees:

1.  http://brantleyblog.wordpress.com/

2.  http://ididn’thavemyglasseson.wordpress.com/

3.  http://williamatell.wordpress.com/

4.  http://ronyaroshauthor.wordpress.com/

5.  http://robmosesphotography.com

6.  http://jlcanfieldsrandomthoughts.com

7.  http://birdsanddogs.com

8.  http://bensbitterblog.wordpress.com/

9.  http://usuallystrange.wordpress.com/

10.  http://swimmingintheparentpool.wordpress.com/

Working at Nothing All Day

I have confidence that the inordinate amount of time I’ve spent writing two books will prove worthwhile in the long run.  Yet I would be delusional if I did not acknowledge the possibility of failure.  Considering that I’ve never made enough money to bank anyway, the possibility of this endeavor ending as a colossal waste of time is not that daunting.
With that distinction in mind, I can say that writing (for me) is a quite easy and sweet gig.  I can chalk up any conceivable experience as “work.”  Since I write humor, I can regard watching Family Guy as “field research.”  On the other hand, watching an unfunny movie or program is a matter of studying lame attempts at comedy.  I certainly spend way too much time playing with my blog, but I’m effectively building a portfolio.  Since one of my goals is to write for The Onion, that is productive activity.  And any good or bad adventure I experience provides potential material for future books.
On that last note, I have to put the brakes on my creative daydreaming.  I will surely not write a third book if I cannot get either of the finished ones published.  Should that not happen, I will then resign myself to thinking, “At least I gave it a shot.  I guess my destiny is to throw boxes around in a warehouse.”
However, an interesting concept occurred to me last night for a future book.  I could find the craziest, crackheadiest bullshitter–which would not be difficult–and interview them for a biography in which I take everything they say at face value.  It would be like the polar (or bipolar?) opposite of investigative journalism.  Imagine the blurb on the back cover:
“Before the Men in Black stole Bruce’s cure for cancer, he was a gigolo to Hollywood starlets, and he is willing to name names!  This was physically demanding, as his concurrent job at the time involved being a Designated Hitter for the Dodgers–the only one in the National League–and doing free-lance work for the CIA.  Again, he gives details!
“After a concussion led to the realization that he was the Messiah, and that ‘Jack who’s sitting on the bench over there made his wife Jenny that bitch! leave him and that’s why his neck always hurts on Tuesdays and why the government’…”
Of course, “Bruce” would have to be willing to go on book tours and make media appearances.  If anyone likes this idea, they have my “permission” to use it.  I can help find such a person if necessary for the finder’s fee of a bottom shelf bottle of booze.  And pick up a couple cases for yourself; you’re gonna’ need it. 

I do live in a city with many lighthouses

I was nominated for a Lighthouse Award by belsbror, an aspiring writer who lives in the Philippines,  whose site is:   http://belsbror.wordpress.com/


The rules:

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3.Inform your nominees of their award nominations
4.Share three ways that you like to help other people.
5.There is no limit to the number of people that you can nominate.
6. HAVE FUN!!!

My nominees are:

Three ways I help other people:
I’m paraphrasing Glenn Beck on the first two:
1) To enlighten (teach)
2) To entertain (amuse)
3) The closest people to me in my life have all done social work in some capacity. I, like my mom, do it on a free-lance basis. I can understand from trying to help people why so many get discouraged with the work.

Wight Writing

I was telling a lady at my church that I receive an online Word of the Day from Dictionary.com.  I explained that I have a draft email to put any words into that I encounter and may be able to appropriate for one of my books.  I also admitted that I had to be careful not to get too “smarty pants” with the process.
A retired English professor, she asked, “So you’re not exactly Hemingway, are you?”
“Definitely not.  And I plan on keeping my brains inside my head.”
*  *  *
A recent Word of the Day was “wight,” defined variously as “active,” “nimble,” or “brave” (especially in battle).
Again having to be careful with my wordsmithiness, I figured I could make the pun, “That was mighty wight of him” in my first book.  I wanted to look up the expression “Mighty white of you” just to make sure it was not specific to areas where I’ve lived. 
I found out that its usage in the black community was originally different from whites’ usage.  With the former, it facetiously referred to an action thought generous by the acting agent, but in reality was a hollow or shallow gesture.  As originally said by whites in a colonial context, it referred to a genuinely noble action that reflected whites’ superiority to other races.  In terms of social science and linguistics, I thought this difference was interesting.
I’m not as candid with my humor, e. g., “sick,” in my writing as I am with close friends, but I certainly won’t shy away from pushing the envelope toward bad taste.  Even when I taught, I never modified what I said in the name of Political Correctness.
For the most part, I’m pretty wight.

I Blog, Therefore I (1 more words)

Most of my blog posts require relatively little effort.  I keep abreast of current events and jokes naturally occur to me.  I merely cut and paste the relevant info, then type my quip(s).  With the brief humorous stories where I describe incidents I see on a daily basis, I probably would have recounted them to friends anyway.  So again, there’s not much in terms of an investment of time.  When I post chapters from my books, it’s again just a matter of cutting and pasting.  (Ctrl.+C, Ctrl.+V, and Ctrl.+X are to me what duct tape is to someone who does real work.)  Finally, brief expositions of this sort balance the whole thing out so that the whole endeavor is not just a matter of duct taping ideas together.
I began this blog in late January for the ostensible purpose of establishing the “social media presence” that so many lit agents are desirous of.  I will not acquire enough Followers to guarantee the amount of sales that might justify an agent’s effort, but, at the very least, I’m developing a comedic portfolio that shows I can be funny in a variety of formats.  After all, another of my pipe dreams involves writing for The Onion
Yet I’ve ensnared myself in a Catch-22:  I spend so much goddamn time on my blog that my efforts to actually find an agent have been retarded by a project that was intended to sell myself to agents.
In a half-kidding manner, I will say to friends twice or thrice daily, in an affectedly douchey tone, “I need to post this on my blog.”  “That’s quite a bon mot, Daniel-san.  Can I quote you on my blog?”  “I think you’re wrong, Mike.  Springsteen’s ‘Blinded by the Light’ is far better than Manfred Mann’s version.  I’ll start a poll on my blog and let the readers decide.”  “I can’t believe I came within seconds of shitting myself, only to make it to a toilet with no toilet paper!  Man, Rita34 will get a kick out of this adventure!”
Pharmacologically, I’ve been offered everything under the sun over the years.  “Wanna’ toke/bump/ready bag/pill/perc/bar/bath salt…?”  Yet before I even hit 20, I knew that I liked alcohol and weed (and caffeine and tobacco) so much that it’s best that I refuse any such offers in the future.
Similarly, I will limit my imprint upon the social media realm to this blog.  I will not elaborate on my minimalist LinkedIn profile:   Construction; NCSS.  I will not Like your posting on Facebook, “8:32:  Best chezburger evr!  LOL!! :)”  Nor will I plant anything on Farmville, lest I delude myself into thinking I know anything about real farming.  (I may need to develop such skills in the future.)  And I’d sooner literally stalk someone in the real world than lurk on their Facebook pages in a clandestine fashion.
When I used to while away too much time playing FunTrivia online, I recall getting the following message once:  “Hi!  I’m Melanie!  Want to be friends?”  I thought, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?  Are we going to hang out or go for a hike or something?”  No, I don’t need superfluous friends in the virtual world to supplement the abundance of ones I have in the actual world.
What I do not have in the real world are Followers.  “Followers”; that has a nice ring to it.  Just thinking about it makes me feel like a cult leader or something.  “If I tell AlaskaCowgirl and Soupsinger49 to do something,” I could say to my real-life friend John, “well then by gum it will get done.  They Follow me.”  At some point, I’d imagine, a threshold is reached where Followers become hordes, minions, maybe even a virtual army.  That would be pretty kick-ass.
However, there’s a theoretical obstacle to this line of thinking.  If I Follow you and you Follow me, we’re equals and my claim to have bona fide Followers is quite hollow.  Is there some kind of way we could establish rules of supremacy?  Perhaps the one with the most followers wins?  Is there an app for online paper, rock, scissors?  We need to determine whom the alpha blogger is, to establish a hierarchy.
I’ll wrestle with these thorny issues later, perhaps over a fifth of cheap vodka.  For now, I’ll find other ways to divert myself from the need to look for agents.
Hope you Liked this post.

For Crazy Diamonds

I was nominated for one of these awards:
Whoop!  Whoop!

 by ardenrr.


Since it’s not as burdensome as the Liebster, here goes:

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3. State 7 things about yourself.

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7 Things about Me:
1.  I am finishing my second book and will soon be running an online writing consultation business.  I hope the former endeavor is so successful I can pass the latter on to someone else.
2.  I used to skateboard and play tennis.  I hope to return to the latter.   I would also like to get back into weight lifting.  My best sport, by far, is ping pong. 
3.  My musical tastes are eclectic, but my favorite genres are classic rock, oldies, classical, and chick music.  Almost forgot–Yee haw!–bluegrass.
4.  My favorite things to read are the news and the encyclopedia–anything that will ever help me on Jeopardy! .
5.  I am a popular loner.
6.  I am a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.
7.  I am a very religious New Age Unitarian Universalist.