1+1=A Bigger One

Within several minutes of each other recently, I saw an odd pair of TV commercials.  The first one was one of those “Look at these poor starving children; for 50 cents a day…” ones.  The second one followed the same format but the subjects of our heartstrings were animals.  And this one set the price at 60 cents a day.

I’m an animal liker and all, but two thoughts occurred to me:

1)  How does it cost more to care for an animal in America than a human in the Third World?

2)  Why don’t we send the animals to these starving people?  I had a cat that lived to be about 17 years and obviously had affection for him.  But I sure as hell would have eaten him if I had to.

3 thoughts on “1+1=A Bigger One

    • I’m glad that Ukraine and Russia have patched things up. This is sort of thematically relevant, but I just started a fascinating book, 1493, that’s kind of like GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL.

      • It seems to me they HAVEN’T patched things up.

        I am prone to think this has A LOT to do with current events.

        Aside from providing the basis for Hannibal Lecter and his real-life Russian counterpart (Yep, there really was such a monster.).

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