At a Loss for Identity

About two years after I left teaching, I was drinking and smoking with a guy who thought it was hilarious that I once taught at the local community college. He said he had heard that there were two young guys who taught philosophy there. The one was “really cool,” the other “really weird.” Knowing the other guy he had in mind, I really don’t know who was whom.

Several days ago, I overheard a fellow intellectual trying to explain whom I was over the phone. (He may or not may have known I could hear him.) He either referred to me as “the nerdy white guy” or “the dirty white guy.” Again, I don’t know which description was more apt.

One thought on “At a Loss for Identity

  1. Cool, weird, nerdy, dirty … I suppose I could put up with being pretty much any of those. Well, not dirty, because I have this washing thing, but I could clean up pretty well, I imagine.

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