Where’s a Birther When You Need One?

Woman, 34, poses as 16-year-old student at private school for 7 months

John Luciew  May 16, 2014; Pennlive

“Charity Johnson passed herself off as sophomore for seven months at New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas. Her teachers and principal say she was a serious student, never any problem in class. Only thing is, she is 34 years old…

“…’Everyone who associated with her accepted her as being 16 years old. She came in saying she had been home-schooled. She filled out a form with her birthday. I didn’t ask for her birth certificate, and that is on my shoulders,’ the principal said…”

A)  She apparently needed education.

B)  She must have been born again.

C)  The school is called “New Life.”

D)  She claimed to enjoy watching music videos on MTV, wondering how you could watch them on “an Internet.”



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