Reservoir Dogs

Portland draining reservoir after man urinates in it

Portland, Oregon’s Mount Tabor reservoir holds 8 million gallons of drinking water.

“Oregon’s Portland Water Bureau is draining an 8 million-gallon reservoir after surveillance cameras caught a man urinating into it this week…”

One of my role models, Abbie fuckin’ Hoffman, jokingly threatened to dose Chicago’s drinking supply with acid during the tumultuous ’68 Democratic Convention.  Even in the hysteria of those days, authorities realized that such a feat would be impossible to have an efficacy.  Yet some bureautard in Portland decided that people wouldn’t want to drink such contaminated water.  It looks pretty; maybe the guy’s awe was such that he felt the sudden need to relieve himself.  Or, to be sympathetic to the city, maybe he had drunk a million beers.

Still, if I was a citizen, I’d be pretty damn pissed.


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