Many Manly Things

My buddy and I arrived at the bus stop yesterday just as one was pulling up.  “All right!” was our mutual sentiment.  “High five!” I implored.  After we engaged palms in that primal moment, I noted, “Shit; I haven’t done that in years.  What a fucking rush!”
Shortly thereafter, I prematurely resumed my push-ups and dips regimen.  I fell far short of my usual goal, which is to be expected because of my shoulder injury.  It actually feels significantly worse today, but you know what they say:  “No pain, no long-term injury.”
Penn State is huge where I’m from, but I can actually relate to it as if it were an academic institution because I briefly taught at one of their satellite campuses.  When I saw I guy all decked out in their gear–a relative rarity in Maryland–I heartily said, “Go Lions!”  We then briefly discussed their football program’s progress.  Non-tennis sports talk is rare for me, but it made me feel like a “normal” man.  Go Brian!
Later, I’m quite sure I saw a very pretty girl checking me out in a carnal manner.  “I could hit that,” I thought, but I was on my way to play ping pong.  I don’t play that much anymore because of the dearth of competition, but I was on fire!
I later decided to get me a beer.  I walked into the store to find myself singing along to Cher’s “Gypsies Tramps and Thief’s” as it played on the store’s satellite station.  Some guy with a Ravens hat, an Orioles shirt, with two kids in tow looked at me very oddly.  At that moment, I realized I didn’t deserve a beer.  I bought wine coolers instead.

2 thoughts on “Many Manly Things

  1. this made me LOL for real 🙂  yes I realize this is froma  while back, however I don’t always read your posts as they come in, but i save them for other occasions, like 24 hour duty. 🙂  ha 

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