Comic Book Prophecy

Pakistani baby accused of attempted murder

By Waqar Hussain April 4, 2014

Lahore (Pakistan) (AFP) – “While many children his age are still learning how to crawl, a nine-month-old boy in Pakistan has been accused of attempted murder in a case observers say highlights endemic flaws in the country’s legal system

“Baby Mohammad Musa along with his father and other family members was booked for throwing rocks at gas company officials…”

I knew that the next Superman would be born in the Middle East, but I didn’t know that he would be evil.

3 thoughts on “Comic Book Prophecy

  1. A feature of jurisprudence many places in the world, that can only strike Americans as bizarre, is that practically anyone can accuse practically anyone of practically anything, AND THE CASE WILL GO TO TRIAL.

    See, for example, Jeremiah 20:10; Job 17:5. Fortunately, the actual operation of Jewish law requires a heck of a lot more than a mere accusation. But this is the sort of stuff we’re dealing with.

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