He’s Now Really Grouchy


Man makes lucky find after his wedding ring ends up in a city dump

“Oklahoma City, Oklahoma veterinarian Dr. Gary McNeill lost his wedding ring during an emergency surgery on a dog…
“But after his last procedure, he realized too late that the ring had landed in the trash can directly below the table. He returned to work the following day and the trash can had been emptied. “I went out to check the dumpster, and they had dumped the dumpster,” the doctor recalled. “You lose your ring, that’s not a good omen.” The ring was McNeill’s cherished symbol of his 10-year marriage to his wife Barbara, and special because he had designed the Celtic influenced ring to represent his heritage…”
In a cruel twist of fate, the wife had already prepared divorce papers and had set that date to serve them to him.  “You know Gary,” she reportedly sneered, “our marriage has been in the dumps for years now.  And then you go messing around with some bitch, and–well, I just can’t take it anymore!”
And just like that, she threw away their marriage.

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