Did He Snap?

Palmyra High school principal Benjamin Ruby placed on unpaid leave for ‘poor judgment’ in bra incident

By Monica Von Dobeneck | Special to PennLive The Patriot-News
March 27, 2014  

“Palmyra High School principal…showed an isolated case of poor judgment, but will keep his job, according to a statement read Thursday night by superintendent…

“…will be placed on unpaid leave for an unspecified period,…said.

“…said the district investigated the allegation that…photographed a Victoria’s Secret bag containing a bra which a mother had dropped off at the school for her daughter, then emailed the photo to the staff with the subject line, ‘If you need a laugh.’

“The body of the text read, ‘A parent just dropped this off in the office, as is, for her daughter to pick up.’…

Maybe his curiosity was piqued because he’s a closet cross-dresser.


2 thoughts on “Did He Snap?

    • You-know-what sells. Although the print version isn’t doing so hot. They only print every other day now, which pisses off many with a demographically older residents. A sign of the shift toward digital media. It must suck to be an actual or wannabe writer these days. Oh; SHIT!

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