Junk(ie) Food

Parents overdose on heroin at McDonald’s as kids, 5 and 8, play at restaurant’s PlayPlace: Outrage?

By John Luciew | The Patriot-News 
March 14, 2014

I’m outraged by this parental recklessness.  Those fast food play lands can be very unsafe.  This chain’s removal of the ball pits, prompted by the disappearance of 7-9 children every year, has not made the place safer. There are still the ongoing problems of fat kids getting stuck in the slides, haunted Grimace figures that come to life, and irate staff members who are awaken from their naps. 


2 thoughts on “Junk(ie) Food

  1. I’m outraged that her ion is not sold at all McDonalds. Why can’t I get a side of smack instead of fries at mine? This is discrimination at it’s highest form. it’s time to boycott Mickey D’s until they offer everyone the chance to get high and fat at the same time.

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