Getting Fit to Start Some Shit

With eye on Crimea, U.S. starts military drills on Russia’s doorstep

By Marcin Goettig–Reuters; Mon Mar 10, 2014

Russia Orders  Military Drill, Stoking Tensions
By Lukas I. Alpert and Jay Solomon–The Wall Street Journal; February 26, 2014          
Iran plans military exercises in preparation for Israeli strike on nuclear facilities 
By Robert Tait–The Telegraph; 16 September 2012
South Korea-US military exercises stoke tensions 
BBC News; 28 November 2010


North Korea defends missile tests, condemns US-South Korea military exercises

By North Asia correspondent Matt Carney and staff–Australian Network News; Thu 6 Mar 2014

Japan holds military drill as S. China Sea islands dispute widens

RT; January 13, 2014
China’s Military Trains for War Against Japan
By Zachary Keck–The Diplomat; February 19, 2014
Sense the pattern?
When I exercise, I do so because I find it intrinsically rewarding during and afterwards.  Sports involve training for a physical battle of sorts, but even barbaric sports like MMA do not involve blowing up people.  Yet the term certainly takes on an ominous tone when the military engages in an “exercise.”  (And I am certainly not a pacifist.)

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