Little Known Rock and Roll/Pop Music Trivia

The following is courtesy of Willard O’Brien, who earned his BS in music history from Gray University:
–Bob Dylan was the first rapper.
–Johnny Cash wore pastels in private.
–Boasting aside, Mick Jagger will usually stop within 26 to 34 hours after being started up.
–Numbers are estimable at best, but more than half of the various members comprising the Grateful Dead over its roughly 30-year history are still happily alive.  Bob Weir wakes up every morning with a “Holy shit!” when he realizes he’s among them.
–Dennis Wilson was posthumously kicked out of the Beach Boys after he drowned.
It was “bad for their image.”
–At Robbie Krieger’s insistence, Jim Morrison’s body was cremated.
–Neil Young is now old, and he looks back at his younger days with bewilderment. “There was a lot of drugs and heavy stuff going on, you know what I mean?”
–Clapton is not God; just an archangel.
–Santana is 1/4 Jewish.  His “Oye Como Va” was originally called “Oy vey Como Va.”
–Robert Plant nearly left Led Zeppelin when his band mates vetoed his idea of calling the group “Helum Submarine.”  Jimmy Page was adamant that the name would make people think of “those Liverpool fags.”
–Bruce Springsteen is referred to by intimates as “The Supervisor.”
–An astonishing 78% of dyslexics are ABBA fans.
–The Cornelius Brothers’ “Too Late to Turn Back Now” is about tripping on acid.
–If you play the Sex Pistols backwards, you will find admonitions to “Obey your parents, kids,” “Stay in school,” and “Eat all them fuckin’ veggies on your plate.”
–The much-debated subject of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”?  Yours truly.
–Meatloaf’s “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad” sold 17 times better than its original incarnation, “Love Is an Irrational Matter.”
–Jon Fishman, the quicksilver drummer for Phish, is allergic to seafood.
–Lady Gaga was born a woman.
–Based on mortality rates, the statistically safest instrument to play in a rock group is the clarinet.
[Clip unavailable.]
–A $3 million dollar, 18-month study by Harvard researchers has determined that this is the greatest song of all time:

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