A Waste of Time

In the 2.24.14 issue of Time, Rana Foroohar lauds the idea of extending high school by two years, after which one would graduate with an Associate degree. 

Extend high school by two years in lieu of college?  I did some research to assess local students’ opinions about the proposal.  Jocks and cheerleaders loved the idea.  Nerds and shop kids abhorred it.  One band member threw his trombone to the ground to express his contempt for the concept of “being in this fucking place one more second than I have to!”  An official spokesperson for the partying crowd commented, “But, like, there will still be keggers and hook-ups, right?  I mean, I just got this totally awesome Floyd poster that glows under a black light.  You’ve gotta’ see it, man.  Where would I hang it up?”


6 thoughts on “A Waste of Time

  1. Definitely something to think about. I can see pros and cons. Maybe make the final two years optional, with a different degree name. When I graduated we had regular and Regents degrees.

  2. To Wm. Tell: am I asking sober Vladimir or regular Vlad (after a Bob Evans meal)?

    To skinnyuz2b: I’ll have to look up what a Regents degree is. I went to college for my Sr. year of HS. I was talking about dropping out b/c I hated school so much. It didn’t help that my friends had mostly graduated, dropped out, or went to the Vo Tech school. When asked what my aspirations were, I said I wanted to go live in a cabin in the woods. My mom was school board prez and thus on very familiar terms with the administrators. They had an intervention where I learned about the Early Admissions program, something no one from our school had apparently ever availed themselves of. After I did it, others followed suit. I did relatively poor in HS but had a relatively good SAT score. I did quite well once I got to college.

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