Plus, there will definitely be a liquor store nearby

Colorado Republicans push to ban food stamps at pot shops

Jessica Chasmar Washington Times March 2, 2014

Retail marijuana shop / Image via

Retail marijuana shop / Image via

“Colorado Republicans plan to propose a bill next week that will prohibit welfare recipients from using their benefits in pot shops…”
I am a right-leaning moderate, and I do know that the food stamp system is subject to a myriad of abuses.  Using welfare money to buy reefers would be one obvious case.  The traditional method is preferable:  the sponge finds a store that buys the collection en masse for half their value, they go to the part of town that sells drugs, and know that they will occasionally be ripped off.  Getting cheated in a crack deal could result in death, but we stoners aren’t into the whole violence thing.
I mean, those dopeheads are so high they couldn’t figure out how to use a gun.  Goddamn hippies.

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