Signs, Signs, Can’t You Read the Signs?

As someone with extensive restaurant experience, it troubles me to see signs that employees need reminders to wash their hands after using the facilities.  I would rather not eat at such establishments.  I saw a sign recently that reiterated, underneath the English version, the hygienic point in Braille.  I appreciate the good-hearted employer that would accommodate a disabled person.  Yet this notice especially bothered me, as the reader would have had to have been rubbing their hands along the walls to discern its meaning.

2 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Can’t You Read the Signs?

  1. And to make it worse, if they hadn’t already washed their hands, they would be rubbing it with dirty hands and then thinking, “Oh yes, I should wash my hands.” Were they the perpetually forgetful blind person, they would have to rub that now-dirtied sign each and every time, making it increasingly filthy until the paper turns into a sheet of pure E. Coli.

    Also intriguing is this question: How do blind people know when there is a Braille sign around for them to read? Do they just feel the wall for hygiene propaganda until they locate those little bumps? Or more likely, do they not notice it because they can’t see it and aren’t currently searching for something to read after they’ve used the restroom?

    On a side note, they have Braille instructions on the tubes at bank drive-thrus. It’s especially useful for all of the blind drivers that are trying to handle their banking transactions without getting out of the driver’s seat.

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