From the People Who Brought You New Coke


Bid to provide condoms to California prison inmates clears hurdle

By Sharon Bernstein

SACRAMENTO, California Mon Jan 27, 2014

(Reuters) – “Condoms could eventually be distributed to California prison inmates under a bill passed in the Democratic-controlled state Assembly on Monday…”

Reaction has been mixed.  A SAD (Straights And Dykes) spokesperson called the policy discriminatory, further noting that it will not affect pregnancy rates.  

Rapists unanimously opposed the idea.  A burly Hell’s Angel who went by the moniker “Rough Rider Randy” commented, “They know what they’re getting into,” then added with a chuckle, “or I should say I do.”

Pretty boys and guys with sentences of less than five years were generally supportive, particularly the former. 


One thought on “From the People Who Brought You New Coke

  1. I’m not sure what to think about this. There are pluses and minuses. I’m still ticked off that we pay for college educations instead of using that money to help those who don’t break the law get educations. State and federal aid is not enough for everyone.

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