I Think We All Know the Answer


White doves released after Pope Francis’ prayer for peace viciously attacked: Omen or unfortunate?

 By John Luciew |  The Patriot-News 
January 27, 2014            
Pope Francis doves attacked Twitter
“We’ve seen it so many times. A Pope in the window in Rome, children at his side, as he gives his blessing for peace to the masses in the square. This was the scene Sunday as Pope Francis prayed for peace. Then two children released white doves in a symbolic gesture. But what happened next wasn’t in the solemn script for Sunday’s Mass. And it sent Twitter abuzz with talk of a bad omen.

“Those gentle white doves were viciously attacked by other birds, a crow and a seagull, as shocked spectators looked on…”

Is there a bird whisperer who can confirm rumors that the attackers were calling “Allah Akbar!” and were connected to the Canadian geese that forced that plane into the Hudson River several years ago?


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