Shark Tweet

Sharks in Australia begin using Twitter to warn surfers and swimmers of their presence

More than 300 tagged sharks automatically send tweets when they swim within a kilometer of beaches on country’s the dangerous west coast

December 27, 2013 by


“Large sharks off Western Australia are now doing their part to keep surfers and swimmers safe–by sending tweets warning of their presence.

“Scientists have fitted 320 sharks, many of them great whites, with transmitters that automatically issue warnings to the Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s Twitter feed when the tagged sharks approach within a kilometer of the coast’s popular beaches…”

Because people need to spend more time on the grid.  I fear people don’t use their cell gizmos enough.  Who needs to just chill in nature? 


2 thoughts on “Shark Tweet

  1. OMG!! This is fascinating, except that I don’t check my twitter while I’m swimming…

    Let’s just chill in nature!

  2. No, me neither! But better if the sharks tweet than if the dumb idiot premier of WA proclaims open season on any poor beasts within 1km of the coast – which he has. Whose ocean is it anyway!

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