I Know I Would Need a Drink

During Bible Study last night, we were discussing Moses’s parting of the Sea of Reeds to allow the Israelites from the encroaching Egyptians.  The preacher impressed what a multitude had made that crossing.
Since I approach such issues not from a theological stance, but rather as a philosopher of religion, I had to ask a question:  “While I am sure groupthink would have been a factor for many, human nature dictates that there are always contrarians, a minority of outliers that make it a point to go against the grain.  I’m sure some had had enough, perhaps thinking they could strike a deal with Pharaoh’s forces.  Not to mention some suicides.”
He iterated that they all would have been terrified of their impending doom.  I guess since I’m good at persuasion, bluffing if need be, I overvalue rhetoric. 
Nonetheless, the exchange provided fodder for my humorous parting shot when class had concluded.
“So Dr. Tillman, I can infer that they didn’t have any alcohol.”
“That is correct.”
“Because if they did, there would be at least one knucklehead with beer muscles, claiming,” and here’s where my acting skills came into play, “‘I dooon’t caaares about nooo arrrmy.  I’ll taaake on allll them Libyans myselfs.  I betterrr pissss first.”

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