Freud Would Point out that Sometimes a Gun that Shoots Seed is Just a Gun that Shoots Seed


New Flower Seeds Would Require Shotgun to Plant      

“A 12 gauge shotgun shell that lets you fire flower seeds with a shotgun.”

Adan Salazar December 17, 2013

“A startup based in Sweden is introducing a novel gardening concept that would make Vice President Joe Biden proud.

“:Scandinavian company Flower Shell aims (no pun intended) to put shotguns in the hands of gardeners around the world because – well, that’s just how their product works…

“The man who initially thought up the concept, Per Cromwell, wasn’t trying to make a political statement or prove anything. He says he did it because he loved gardens and wanted to make gardening ‘more fun’…”

I took exhaustive measures to locate some of these people’s comments on the tool.  After realizing they were not in the room, I’m imaging one group thought it was “Not groovy, man,” while the other lamented the “Waste of a good kill stick.” 


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