Still, the Almighty Decided to Opt Out

Ed Schultz Speaks for God: Obamacare Is Divinely Approved December 6, 2013

“Most people don’t know this, but beyond being a professional gasbag, MSNBC host Ed Schultz is also a prophet in direct communication with God. He let the world know this on his program last night when he pronounced that President Obama’s very unpopular health care law is something that all Christians should support because, in actual truth, God approves of Obamacare…”

That’s a tough claim to argue for or against, but God can be tough to pigeonhole on political issues.  To take an example that hovers around the ACA, is He/She/It pro-life or pro-choice?  Christians claim it’s obvious God is the former.  Yet when you read some accounts  in the Old Testament, I could imagine God favoring death panels and the like.  Gay marriage?  Since Eve caused Adam to sin and effectively condemned us to hell–by implication indicting all women–I can imagine God corralling all men on one side and all women into another, announcing, “Okay, humans, new game plan…”


3 thoughts on “Still, the Almighty Decided to Opt Out

  1. Gee, FP, why shouldn’t God have a position in politic? He’s a very involved kind of guy. After all, He seems to have an extreme interest in sports. According to winning team members that get interviewed, He often plays a part in who wins. And He always has His fingers involved in who wins lotterys and talent shows. But His biggest interest has always been in who passes a quiz and who fails.

      • With so many things that truly call for God’s intervention, it always amazes me that so many adults think he cares about who wins a game or money. And you’re right, unanswered prayers that do deserve to be heard make you wonder why they weren’t. Especially with terminal sickness of very good people. Some day we will have an answer.

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