Perfect treatment for the usual morning anxiety

Amsterdam Has a Deal for Alcoholics: Work Paid in Beer

The New York Times

By Andrew Higgins 3 hours ago
“AMSTERDAM — After more than a decade out of work because of a back injury and chronic alcoholism, Fred Schiphorst finally landed a job last year and is determined to keep it. He gets up at 5:30 a.m., walks his dog and then puts on a red tie, ready to clean litter from the streets of eastern Amsterdam.

“’You have to look sharp,’ said Mr. Schiphorst, 60, a former construction worker.

“His workday begins unfailingly at 9 a.m. — with two cans of beer, a down payment on a salary paid mostly in alcohol. He gets two more cans at lunch and then another can or, if all goes smoothly, two to round
off a productive day.

“’I’m not proud of being an alcoholic, but I am proud to have a job again,’ said Mr. Schiphorst, the grateful beneficiary of an unusual government-funded program to lure alcoholics off the streets by paying them in beer to pick up trash.

“In addition to beer — the brand varies depending on which brewery offers the best price — each member of the cleaning team gets half a packet of rolling tobacco, free lunch and 10 euros a day, or about $13.55.”

And if the boss ain’t looking, you get to drink the floaters!
No smoking : Stock Photo

If giving alcoholics beer in the morning sounds counter-productive, just remember that somewhere,



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