When Animals Go Punk

New Jersey deer with arrow in its  head saved after nine-day stakeout

The deer, which  regularly frequented the backyard of Susan Darrah’s Rockaway Township home, was  caught and tranquilized before the blade and arrow shaft were pulled out. It was  then given antibiotics to prevent any infection and tagged so it can be tracked  in the future.


Sunday,  November 10, 2013

The deer said it was an intentional piercing, done as a way of expressing his devotion to Nine Inch Nails.
This guy

Body Piercing 12

referred to the deer as a poser and an untrue believer.

In a purported show of sympathy, Ted Nugent offered the deer free concert tickets, but the deer was suspicious.



One thought on “When Animals Go Punk

  1. I truly do hope the deer was cared for. That’s pretty gross.

    As for that guy with all that metal in his face, that’s grosser (sorry, but not my kinda look). Happy new year!

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