2 Musical Notes in Bullshit Major

1)  I noticed an odd juxtaposition in attire today.  I don’t know what kind of cop he was, but he definitely was one.  He was wearing camo pants and a Beatles shirt.  I wanted to affect a British accent and ask him, “Hey mate, you’re a bloody hypocrite.  The Beatles were all about freedom and peace and happiness.  Yet you’re going to arrest some people today and maybe kick some arse.  What the folly?  Wanna’ smoke a joint?”
(They played a Beatles song on Internet radio as I typed this.)
2)  I just learned that Lou Reed died recently.  I’m a mild fan of The Velvet Underground, but it’s disheartening that the classic rock performers I like are gradually dying off.  Some day the Backstreet Boys will be considered “classic.”

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