Why Don’t They Protest at the Boy’s House?

Jimmy Kimmel’s eternal apology

By Rich Lowry

November 12, 2013 | 1:30am 

“Jimmy Kimmel used to be a professional comedian. His new job is apologizing.

“A few weeks ago, the host of ABC’s late-night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” aired a bit where a 6-year-old boy recommends killing everyone in China. Kimmel and the network have been apologizing ever since.

“Over the weekend, protesters besieged ABC studios around the country. They want Kimmel fired or, failing that, more apologies.”

I like Jimmy Kimmel, his and Conan’s the only late night talk shows I watch. 

Regardless of ideology, I respect people with–pardon this phallic-centric reference–balls.  Whether Howard Dean or Rick Santorum, Bill Maher or Charlie Sheen, I like it when people are unapologetic when they feel they’re right.  Yet in this PC age, too many people feel the need to apologize whenever someone complains that they feel slighted by their actions.  Jimmy unfortunately succumbed to this tendency.

Killing someone in a DUI?  Yes, that warrants an apology.  But airing a kid’s worldview for comedic purposes?  Kimmel’s a comedian and a good guy.  He does not purport to be a diplomat. 

Give me–give Jimmy–a fucking break.



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