He Didn’t Seem Ready for a Discussion on Authenticity, but I’m Sure He’s Always Ready for Ready

You see all kinds of druggies, crazies, and people who are both in any city.  The other day, I passed one who was practically walking down the middle of the street.  “I don’t give a fuck!” he thrice loudly proclaimed to no one in particular.  In an even louder voice, he yelled “Fuck” at least twice. 
Since I do give a fuck about my personal safety, I resisted my philosophical, counseling, and ministerial instincts to raise a logical point to him.  “Excuse me, sir,” I wanted to say, “but if you really didn’t give a fuck, you wouldn’t feel the compulsion to so vehemently announce your attitude to a world that really doesn’t give a fuck about you.  Let it go, bro.  Enjoy the weather and your crack high, and only pay attention to the happy voices in your drug-addled mind.  In the meantime, could you kindly do the civilized world–its numbers declining as we speak–a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!?”

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