Give me a head with discretion…

Even though there’s a bevy of movies I want to watch online, I haven’t really watched much of anything on the computer since the TV season ended.  It’s been all about the music, which helps facilitate my productivity.  I occasionally get distracted by watching a Dead or Springsteen concert on the right side of the screen, but my main focus is on whatever I’m working on on the left side of the monitor.
Yet I must be mindful that some of the music will inevitably get stuck in my head when I leave the library or computer lab.  I don’t want to be one of “those people” who walk around singing, but if no one’s around, I’m liable to sing whatever song has wormed its way into my consciousness.  I just can’t help myself sometimes. 
And that’s where I have to be careful, particularly with regard to song selection.  If someone overhears me sing a silly Phish song like “Fluffhead,” they could justifiably conclude that I was a fluffhead.  Or if I’m caught singing the Dead lyric, “If I had a shotgun/I would blow you straight to hell,” I could be regarded as a potentially violent psychopath.
But there’s far worse possibilities if I’m discovered singing other material.  Yesterday I listened to Hair,
and of all the songs that I felt compelled to sing when I left, it was the one with these lyrics:
“Black boys are nutritious
Black boys fill me up
Black boys are so damn yummy
They satisfy my tummy…”
What can I say?  It’s catchy.  But I had to stop myself when I realized I could not risk getting busted singing that song.  The wrong person could hear me and kick my ass.  Or my ass could suffer a worse fate if another kind of wrong person heard it.


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