Am I Writing in the Wrong Genre?

It took me from the summer of ’09 until the late fall of ’11 to write my first book.  I just finished the second one, which I started last August.  In that time, at least seven or eight people I’ve written about have died afterwards.  That’s just people that I know about.  In one case, I quote a seemingly happy-go-lucky friend as making a suicide joke.   He recently killed himself.

Granted that I write about a lot of people in passing that come and go from my purview, but these weren’t the types of people you’d expect to die.  Perhaps if I knew more about math, about all-go-rhythms and crunching numbers, I could see if this figure is statistically significant.  Maybe if I knew more about occult mysticism and New Age mumbo jumbo, I could divine whether there’s some kind of curse at work.

I do know that if this keeps happening, I may look into the job market for mercenary writing.  Brian Williard:  Word Assassin.


7 thoughts on “Am I Writing in the Wrong Genre?

    • It feels weird for me, [reader], to click “Like” on a post that deals w/ dark and disturbing topics. TWordpress needs more options, like “I found this compelling” or “I like that you posted this but do not like the circumstances you are describing.” Probably wouldn’t fit as easily on a button, though.

    • I am so pissed at my friend for doing that. I was thinking recently about how many friends I’ve lost, an unfortunate consequence of having many friends. I then thought of my dad’s girlfriend’s (framed) motto on her bathroom wall: “Love spreads our joys and divides our sorrows.” (I think I got that right.)

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