Or Maybe They Just Have a Sick Sense of Humor

Several years ago, I worked briefly as a temp for Goodwill.  Because of that particular store’s size, it received far more donations than it could process.  I understood why no employee or temp could take any rejected item with them, nor even buy any such thing, but it pained me to see how much was wasted, especially when I was tasked with throwing away stuff that I value, e. g., books and music.  I also came to see the truth in a co-worker’s statement that many people just use the store as a dump.

During the week, I typically use the computer lab at a facility that offers a raft of social services.  Someone donated about 20 books today, a quarter of which related to investment and money matters.  Whoever thinks the homeless, poor, and mentally ill could use something like Your Guide to the Stock Market is so intellectually deficient that they shouldn’t have been allowed to drive home.  I would rather ride with a drunk than someone who thought donating such items to this place was a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice place.  But if you’re coming here for any reason, there’s only two bits of relevant financial advice:  “You can sell your food stamps at the store two blocks west”; and, “They also sell lottery tickets.” 


5 thoughts on “Or Maybe They Just Have a Sick Sense of Humor

  1. Yeah, true. Although the person could have been thinking of that guy in the Happyness movie, who goes from street to stockbroker in a week…I also notice that people leave crap out at donation bins – I guess they think poor people aren’t in a position to be choosy (to the extent that they’ll want a broken plastic chair?).

  2. Very very well said – and you’re right: they’re mentally deficient IF they think the homeless would get into such a read. But of course, we all know they never mean it for the homeless.

    I admire your work.

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