A Newstritious (and Delicious!) Value

Did McDonald’s Cross the Line in Tweet About Ohio Kidnapping Case?

Seamus McKiernan

Associate Blog Editor, The Huffington Post

“…For instance, you probably also now know that Ramsey went to McDonald’s before the rescue, a fact he mentions numerous times in separate interviews with reporters and even in his 911 call from the scene…

McDonald’s Corp.         @McDonaldsCorp

We salute the courage of Ohio kidnap victims & respect their privacy. Way to go Charles Ramsey- we’ll be in touch.

2:40 PM – 7 May 2013 …”


While I always look first to McDonald’s as a reliable source of news—not to mention one free of the liberal bias that infects the MSM—I wonder how they would have reported the story had it been the kidnapper who had stopped at McDonald’s:

“As he returned home with meals including a Premium McWrap, a classic Big Mac, a delectable  Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and a Happy Meal (with Skylanders toy!), police were busy removing the family from the home of a proud and caring adoptive father.  When one of the young women found out that the policemen at the station did not have McDonald’s food, she reportedly said, “I’m not loving this shit!”  [hashbrown]jack-bootedthugs” 

(BW:  I know that’s too long for Twitter.)


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